Since 1854, Nikc has been handed down from generation to generation. With its excellent quality, outstanding creativity and exquisite craftsmanship, it has become the symbol of fashion travel art. Products include handbags, travel supplies, small leather goods, accessories, footwear, ready-made clothes, watches, high-grade jewelry and personalized customization services. In December 2018, the Top 500 World Brands 2018 compiled by the World Brand Laboratory was unveiled, with nikc ranking 34th.


Jewelry led settled in the wide jewelry building

Chinese people went there, always go all the way to ask, do not know respect for the staff, do not know how to at least courtesy, just feel that they spend money, we must be able to toss, always feel that they can spend money on high, Satis...

Quit corruption

TV, and in the report on the two suites, three suites loans. The rich is good, you can buy two suites, three suites, and many small people, even the first set of houses can not afford. Is also reported on television, said a lot of Beijing d...

Wake the spring good time

Friends of the cousin is a taxi. That day she was unfortunate by four powerful criminals kidnapped to a remote, remote place. Winter, the strength of the enemy at night, the contrast, the situation can be imagined critical. Friends of the c...

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